Salesforce Pardot Implementation

Implimentation Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is a powerful platform of digital marketing through which you can establish meaningful connections, generate more sales pipelines, and empower your team to close more possible deals.

It offers a company to have email automation, email campaigns for the targeted audience, and B2B sales and marketing lead management. You can get your marketing tasks automated by tracking the behaviour of the customers, generating digital marketing campaigns, and more. As useful as this software is, there is a lot more in implementing Pardot in your system.

But when you have the expert’s guidance and supports, even complicated things become simplified. Vegarise helps in planning, setting up, and deploying Pardot that enables you to get new leads through productive results.

Quickly let us have a review of the implementation process:

Planning the implementation and on-boarding

As a certified professional, we can get you started with the Pardot software without much effort. Firstly, the current marketing status of your organization and the initial templates and scoring rules are determined. After deciding all the factors, our team will explain you the marketing automation practices and how to use the Pardot marketing automation techniques within your system and design effective campaigns.

We have designed our on-boarding and implementation program to guide in the most convenient manner if you are new to this platform. We help in configuring the Pardot platform, getting it integrated with your website, conducting the setup of the initial contact database, and implement the process of the CRM integration. Finally, you are ready to get started.

Contact segmentation

If a marketer wants to build a successful automation campaign, it needs to provide the potential leads with the information and products in which they are interested. And to achieve this, segmentation is the best solution. With Pardot, you can have the right engagement with the right customers through effective communication preferences for the prospects to define their interests.

Lead scoring

With a successful lead scoring system, you can get the lead identified for the growth of your organization. It is the easiest way to get in touch with the customers that are sales-ready instead of getting your time wasted on those who aren’t. With the right implementation, we help you to check who to follow-up with and with whom it is not that important.

CRM integration

For starting any campaign, it is pre-requisite to get your contacts from your sales cloud CRM occurrence into Pardot. Our team will support you to have the necessary setup and configure the campaign settings and get you ready with all the aspects to launch and get started.

Designing and implementation the templates

To get started with the right engagement with your prospects, you need to have the configuration of your emails, landing pages, and also form templates. Our team will help you to get the custom branded template implemented in Pardot and access it easily.

The migration of the automation software

Our clients may have an existing marketing automation platform and we can guide you to get migrated to the Pardot B2B marketing platform. We review and audit all your marketing assets and then accordingly decide what needs to get transferred for the smooth working of the organization.

So, what else you need? We ensure that you have a delightful experience with the complete implementation process with all your needs getting executed appropriately.

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