Platform Migration

Operation Migration

If your business objectives fail to fulfill the current marketing automation solutions, why not migrate?

In any business, there may be situations where you feel the requirement of getting migrated to a new platform. But at the same time, you should be prepared with a strategy to get your data protected and minimize the risk of losing it at any cost.

To handle a platform migration there must be a professional to guide you as there are so many things to take into consideration and plan for. Vegarise helps you to get your platform migration process done smoothly with the right solutions.

What are the reasons for platform migration?

There are several reasons why people find it essential to undertake migration for their automation platform and the most common one is “improvement”. The other reason is just to simply start over and end the chaos of the existing platform.

No matter what are your reasons this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether you are witching to Eloqua, Marketo, or any other platform you should know the possible mitigating risks and have a marketing automation platform specially designed for your business.

The tips to remember

Find a good partner to hold your back

When you have the right partner you get the right direction to meet your requirements. It becomes difficult and time-consuming if you are not that much knowledgeable to make the right decision. Taking help of the experts who have good awareness about the automation platforms is always a better option.

A good consultant can align all features and limitations of a platform for your business requirements, get you through a full system audit, and give a complete analysis of cost and benefits.

Planning and prioritizing

It is important to plan the necessary decisions about the migration and prioritize what should be migrated. There may be multiple platforms involved in your current system having license expiry dates and this why is prioritizing things is quite essential. On the other side, the team of IT professionals, web team, and other business units need to know if there may be disruption in the work and potential risk of tracing data or conducting in-market programs. All such things are needed to be considered before moving forward.

Don’t go for a system that is exorbitantly priced

If you are adopting a new platform you should know everything about it so that you don’t have something for which either you are paying more or it is too more to handle for your business. Isn’t it right? Why someone would pay more or get a system which is not that much needed.

You need to consult a professional to know if it is essential to switch to a new platform before you make an irreversible decision.

How vegarise can help you?

Vegarise solutions are simplified and helpful for businesses of every type and we serve our clients with the best of our services. For platform migration our experts work in the following manner:

  • For a successful migration of your business processes and data, we lead you through every vital element of the migration process.

  • We identify the areas where improvements are needed and establish future migration plans.

  • Our team will begin the work of planning and laying down the foundation of transferring the process documentation and all the records. All the processes are planned carefully so that all your information is protected.

  • We empower all your team members in their new platform by providing continuous support and training to them.

And it is done! Your new automation platform is ready to use. We use simplified techniques to provide seamless platform migration.

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