it means The classification of contact, and they are more or less qualified if you generate leads through trade fairs, sweepstakes, or online forms. this is not a good basis for sales success because the seller needs a concrete requirement situation and available budget as a basis for the sales success.

Lead qualification is deciding whether a lead fits the ideal customer profile and has a good chance of becoming a customer.

A lead is a prospect that has all the qualification criteria defined in advance, i.e., budget, decision-making powers, need for a product/service, and purchasing power.

Shopify is a comprehensive and well-known eCommerce platform that helps people. In essence, Shopify acts as a website builder. This anchor tool, centered on Shopify, provides a graphical user interface (GUI) based on the way to build your website. No additional coding knowledge is required.

The KPI (key performance indicator) is a tool that businesses need it to have an indicator to measuring their goals to know how much they working? How much time is left to reach the goal? Are they on the right way of goal? Luckily all of these questions have answer, KPI. Actually companies use these indicators to evaluation successes that help them to reach their goals.

Odoo is a customizable, secure, strong community software and easy integration. It gathers all applications that are related for a business and manage them. Also it’s accessible for more than 32 languages and it has more than 2 million active users.

In Eloqua and infinity article, We will take a look at the solution benefits, the use cases, etc., consumerization of B2B marketing meaning, even when there is very measured and very methodical marketing. You still need some form of real-time engagement or real-time analytics to capture the right intent and ensure that you have timeliness in your marketing messaging. That's the core aspect of what is changed; marketers today have a concise time window to collect this behavior. Typically in organizations, what happens is then marketers get the data that they need. It will be a little too late because it moves through several departments. For example, the website data gets captured by the analytics in the engine and then processed into reports.

you will experience a hands on demonstration teaching you everything you need to know and more from campaign set up to exporting data in the UI, but you will also learn how to extract meaning full insights, which you can use to optimize campaign results.

In simple words, Salesforce is a software to bring users for sales, services, and market together with companies and allows commerce to provide customers buying experiences in both B2B and B2C. The platform can identify excellence and advice actions and next steps until supply.

Facebook pixel is a platform which makes you able to track & monitor interactions of your audience just by using the piece of code that you embedded it in your website source code. By tracking these Actions, you can create more effective &personalized Campaigns in the future.

Customer journey is the process that explains details of customers' experiences about connection with businesses. It helps you to gather information about customers' interaction ways with any company. It helps companies take a walk in customers' shoes and check their business from customers' points of view. So you could trace the customer journey map and lead customers to the best way based on it.

Web push notifications are messages from websites or applications that you receive in your browser on your smart phones or personal computers. Its new marketing channel is gaining in popularity. They notify the user about recent sales, important updates, or exciting news and…. Nowadays, almost all kinds of websites use ((web push notifications)) to develop their trade. If you have a problem with the implementation, we can help you enable web push notification for your businesses’ website in the Vegarise team as easily as ABC.