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Oracle has won the trust of the small businesses by being declared the leader for Multichannel Marketing by Gartner in the 2020 Magic Quadrant, for the third time in two years. From figuring out the best campaign strategies, generating perfect email messages, optimizing time to mail the customers to manage digital marketing campaigns, Oracle Responsys is undoubtedly your first choice for your online marketing guide. Without any dedicated coders, expert marketers, and salespeople, you can now prosper in your business by serving the customers what they need.

Manage digital marketing campaigns

It is said that in the twenty-first century, data is the new oil. If you can extract and modify them, you can create wonders. But to handle the clients’ data carefully and make good use of it, you must need proper guidance, especially if you are a beginner. This is why automation consultancy like Vegarise is here to help you out.

 automation consultancy Vegarise

Through this Oracle Responsys, you can manage and personalize all your campaigns dedicated for the individual leads and orchestrate their interactions across multiple channels in real time and ensure to deliver messages to your prospects at the perfect time. Designing and launching customized messages with just a few clicks and building campaigns that are relevant to the interests of your customer will ease and simplify your marketing journey with maximizing outputs. But for that you need the right consultancy for strategies to work correctly.

John Crisby said, "Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."
 campaigns dedicated

Even the greatest of talents need mentors, and even the mightiest of tools AI tools need consultant. We need an expert human touch to excel in any field even today, and we, team Vega is there to reduce the gap. Let us further check why oracle is suitable for your business.

Services are offered by Oracle Responsys

Individual email marketing

A special AI-based mail generator customizes inspiring messages to suit the taste of your prospects individually by scanning their online behaviors. The dynamic personalization of all your leads will give your business proper clarity and boost your customer experience.

Production of relevant campaigns

By mapping the digital footprints of your clients, Responsys helps you build effective campaigns customized for your individual customers. This service can design intuitive and attractive messages and the consistency of mails for your leads each time. You can check out the perfect looks to attract the customers using the toggle option to see the previews across the devices.


Responsys can ensure reliable deliveries of the mails to your respective clients with high precision of time. With the help of Oracle’s delivery plus, you can enjoy a lucrative advantage over all your business rivals by a large margin. Sending mails when the leads are most likely to open it will generate maximum views from your leads will make your campaigns impactful and thus leave a lasting impact on your leads.

Secured collaboration

The cross-team collaboration featureof this platform can enable you to distribute access to certain platforms and the various responsibilities of different departments of your business in a proper way and create permissions to ensure fast, effective yet secure collaborations among agencies and companies.

Advanced services

The advancedprofessional services like Oracle Consultancy Services will resolve all your needs regarding the digital marketing and judge your team’s ability to make perfect use of your valuable resources. The result-oriented features can boost your revenue manifold in just a few months.
While Responsys can do a great job automating repetitive tasks, generating mails by active marketing programs, optimize the mailing time using the time-to-market feature, and giving you proper real-time data about the community response of your campaigns to spot the errors of your marketing strategy and properly utilize your hard-earned production cost beforehand; Team Vegarise provide them the best service strategies to draft the best of plans that can do wonders in the online world.
Rely on us for the best experience of your clients through modern and smartly personalized campaigns and watch your business boom with the guide of our top-notch expertise.

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