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Today the marketing world is changing rapidly especially with the onset of marketing automation. This has made the marketers to face various challenges in achieving their marketing objectives. Even if the marketers have the marketing automation tool capable of conducting everything they feel the need of designing a strategy to cover the marketing mediums resulting in generating more qualified leads and one such strategy is a drip campaign.

A drip campaign which is also known as drip marketing is the process of sending emails automatically as per a schedule. It works in a way like the first email is sent to the customer when he/she sign up while the next one will go after 3 days and the other one by next week. The marketers also use the drip campaign based on the actions performed by the users like signing up for your upcoming services or purchasing a product. This campaign is sometimes also known as behavioral emails.

But yes remember not to annoy your customers with too many drip emails and that is why the experts of Vegarise are there to guide you. We put forward a thoughtful plan of sending the drip emails to keep your customers informed and engaged towards your brand. Our drip campaign strategies will remind the customers about the specialties of your brand, get subscribers for your newsletter, and more.

Drip campaign covers many different marketing strategies but in the end, its goal remains the same that is keeping the customers engaged about your products. Setting up a correct campaign will help the information to reach the targeted customers and eventually convert them into the lead. It is required to map out the productive automated drip campaign, but how?

  • Identify your audience

    You should try to break your subscriber’s list into subsections and according to the interest and needs of a customer, target the correct information to them. This is an important thing to focus on.

  • Generate engaging content

    When you have a targeting as well as a sorted list of the customers it is now time to engage them by generating content that can grab their attention. Your content should be clear, attractive, and actionable.

  • Planning the campaign

    The next important step is to plan proper logistics for the drip campaign turning out successful. How should be the workflow for a customer starting from the first email to the sales process? Measure your results at the end to check if you are going on the right track or require any changes.

  • Get your campaign started

    Once all the above things are set correctly it is time to get your campaign started by sending the first email. But before making any decision or coming up with a tool there are always experts available to help you.

    With a drip campaign, it will be now easy to generate interest and understand the needs of your prospects and the customers. When an email is triggered as per the action conducted by a user it puts a greater impact on them to respond towards your brand.

    Your automated drip campaigns should be managed successfully by utilizing all the features of the drip marketing tool. At vegarise, you can avail the best strategies from the team of our highly skilled professionals. Get started with this campaign and check out amazing results!

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