Oracle Responsys Implementation

Implimentation Responsys

If you are a marketer you can understand the importance of a full-stack marketing platform for achieving long-term success. You can build a strong foundation of digital initiatives by having the right implementation of a marketing automation platform.

Oracle Responsys is one of the automation platforms that can give a higher valuer in return for your investment and give you the ability to serve the best to your customers. After proper training you can have easy and intuitive learning of this robust platform and who is better than expertise in this field?

When you have its capabilities utilized in the best way you can plan the most effective campaigns and programs for your business. At Vegarise, we assure you to not only get the implementation of the Oracle Responsys platform but also to provide you with the best training to run the same for future success and improving your marketing techniques.

What are the key areas of Oracle Responsys?

Before deciding to get an Oracle Responsys implemented on your system you should know what are its key areas that can benefit your business:

  • Campaigns

    This part of the Responsys platform is responsible for creating and sending targeted, personalized, and engaging messages to a group of potential customers through emails or other channels.

  • Programs

    In this area orchestrated and multi-stage marketing programs can be built by analysing the behaviour of a lead/customer.

  • Folders

    A useful place to hold all your data about the campaigns, programs, forms, links, etc.

  • Content

    This field of the platform is used to store the campaign-related content that is HTML files, images, text files, etc.

  • Data

    Being said the heart of this platform you can manage all your data in this space of the system.

  • Account

    The account field is for storing all the preferences and configuration information. You can see how useful an Oracle Responsys platform can be by all of its functionalities but the only requirement is to get it implemented correctly.

Implementation of Oracle Responsys platform

Implementing the Oracle Responsys in your system is one of the features that you don’t want to miss! So, let's get started to know which areas you need to consider with your service partner before onboarding:

  • Data management

    This platform provides complete flexibility in data management and you can plan a detailed data architecture with your service partner and your team. It mainly includes the data sources, maps the present data flow, and finalize your data management processes.

    It is also possible to create profile extension tables(PET) and supplement tables to utilize the stored information for particular queries and data transfers.

  • Account configuration

    The account setting preferences along with the system access requirements are the first thing to tackle while implementation this platform in your system. The need of your preferences is based on the packages or the add-ons you have purchased. The account name, subdomain, users, IP addresses, global settings, premium tracking, etc. are some of the minimum requirements that you need to have for your system.

  • Campaign management

    In addition to the account configuration and the other global settings you also need to put your efforts into planning and managing your campaigns. For example, the email header information includes the “from” name and the address, BCC address, and also the reply-to address.

    You can also structure the campaign categories, plan the email footers, design the response pages, and also decide the general campaign settings with your service partners for better implementation.

    When our client is ready to have the oracle responsys implementation we discuss with them the above-mentioned key information along with project planning, reporting, expectations, training process, and more.

    Once you get our services you will never regret your decision. If you require any assistance or have any doubts about your Oracle Responsys implementation reach out to our team to know more.

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