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Your business at a point needs some advancement in the marketing strategies so that you are active in the market to handle your competitors. The portals and microsite developments are the new arena for advancing your business and its processing. So let us learn some facts about them to understand them in a better way.

What are web portals?

A web portal is said to be a specially designed website that brings different information from wide platforms or sources such as emails, search engines, online forums, etc. With the help of portals, it becomes simplified for the partners to collect campaign information and it also enables the stakeholders to get the marketing materials customized easily.

It can imitate all the features of your business and provide the users with better control over everyday processes. Apart from the user location or time, it can be accessed quite easily on any of the smartphone devices, tablets, or computers. It completely changes the way how your employee or a customer interacts with your business.

What are microsites?

The microsites are the most used lexicons in the world of content marketing. You can refer to it as a branded content that is not limited to the company’s URLs or homepage. Yes, it is that! The difference between a microsite and a company's blog, newsletter, or any other type of branded platform is that it has its independent URL. You can have a microsite if you are willing to register a new domain name.

The microsites are divided into two categories

  • Campaign-based microsites

    Such types of microsites are one that is independent (i.e. having their URL). It is created for the ultimate goal of supporting a branded campaign. After the launch of the campaign based microsites filled with useful content (videos, visual, written, etc.) are circulated on multiple platforms with various strategies, and left alone. And ta-da! The traffic rolls in.

  • Regular publishing sites

    This microsite is also preferably known as the media sites where the original content is published regularly. Also, there is regular redesigning, full staffing, constant iteration, and stable growth.

    Both the categories have their pros and cons and an expert can guide you to choose the one suitable for your business.

What is the use of web portals and microsites in your business?

Web portal enhances the collaboration of information and data. It provides the employees, customers, and the suppliers a web-based platform where they can fetch different data through a single access point. The web portal development is beneficial for your business if you have multi-location grounds that are national and international offices or have home-based employees. Also, for managing suppliers and retailers, increase the access and visibility of the data and information, and improve communication among your business and suppliers are the other reasons to have a web portal for your business.

The microsite helps in increasing awareness about not only the specific item but also about your brand. With its help, you can provide your prospects and customers to have a place to gather information about a specific project, product, or campaign. Microsites are the easiest and cost-efficient way of marketing and the best form of promoting a product or a campaign. With the Vegarise web portal and microsite development services no doubt there are amazing improvements in the expansion of the business.

How vegarise can contribute to the growth of your business through portals and microsite development?

We expertise in building a rich and highly-immersive portal and provide solutions to the specific business requirements such as social networking, eCommerce, real estate, and more. We build secure and customer friendly web portals and develop a secured channel for the customers, users, and the suppliers.

While when we talk about microsite development, Vegarise with this service aims to reach a new targeted audience and try to increase brand awareness in various campaigns. With our proven strategies with the microsite, our professionals can increase customer engagement and also improve SEO.

In this rising digital age let Vegarise help you stand out of the competition with our portal and microsite development services.

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