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For a successful business,will close CRM that is Customer Relationship Management which refers to various strategies, tools, and technologies used by the companies to develop and manage day-to-day interaction with their customers. It is a process of building customer relationships and streamlining the processes to provide effective customer services and increase sales.

Vega CRM Features

Vega CRM is software used for carrying different interactions with the customers smoothly and productively to have an overall growth of the business. It includes different tools for contact management, sales management, file management, customer support, workflow strategies, and more. Vega CRM allows you to get your business relationship managed in a qualitative way to have excellent results for the growth of your business.

Vega CRM is not only limited to your customers but also allows your organization to have a better relationship with their colleagues, business partners, suppliers, and service users also you can manage sales teams by assign task to them, but how?
In the first place at its most basic level the CRM stores all the contact information about the customer and the prospect and get it shared with every colleague in the organization. After the information is successfully placed in the system you can gather the details or tract any essential information related to your interaction with the customers for example the phone calls conducted, the emails that were sent and responded, meetings that were conducted, or any kind of queries answered.

Vega CRM makes every minute detail and every question about your customers on your fingertips. This gives new opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling that can help you increase profit by having business with your existing as well as the new customers. The marketing team can take notes to design marketing campaigns by tracking the contact histories of the customers and also schedule follow-ups to stay in touch with them.

A traditional CRM system provides you services like content sharing, instant messaging among your team, email integration, and sales forecasting. But when we talk about a modern CRM system that is the one provided by Vega CRM there are far better opportunities for a business with the integration of marketing automation, cloud-bases ecosystem, customer service, systems, and much more.

Vega CRM has the power to categorize and weigh your customers, which may help you identify potential profitable customers much better.
Provide an independent sales system so that your customer tracking process is not linked to any one person, so the entire sales process is completed as specified in the organization. You can manage your customer service and support by connecting your website to your CRM
For all major CRM operations, the Restful API is as long as it allows integration with other enterprise systems.

Vega CRM Features

Lead and Contact management

With its contact management feature, Vega CRM provides easy access, storage, and organization of contacts. Now, keep your contacts much more sorted and accessible than before. Also, you can create links between the company and related companies, people, opportunities, and other information or group them by relationship type.

Territory management

It is time to change the traditional methods of managing your sales as Vega CRM brings you the right plans and selling strategies for sales coverage, territory management, and more. Territory management enables you to have separate configuration and isolate data access for your branches. Each created territory can be have sub territories as child so parent will able to access childes data as well.

Opportunity management

A request for a service or a product or any new opportunity of sales is now manageable with the opportunity management. For your opportunity tracking Vega CRM do record all progress of sales opportunities. You can define or custom standard workflow for sales also there is a way to sale products quickly that don’t need a complex sales cycle and can be sold in a few steps.

Landing page management

If you are searching for effective landing pages, find some fantastic templates from our software to generate leads in your CRM. Vega CRM can integrate with your website through APIs and manage your website content directly by CRM. For Example, you can create news and articles in multiple languages and monitor website visitors and statistics of clicked links and products.

When your website site connects to CRM software, it also acts as CMS, and you can create, edit and delete your posts, write comments for them or approve them as an admin. Also, by using CRM, you can create posts in multiple languages, and you can design dynamic pages or sliders and publish them on your website. It gives you a general overview of your website, and you can have separate information about your websites’ visitors, posts, or comments.

Cases management

For better customer support, take advantage of the Vega CRM case management feature by having the customer data and recordings saved in each case for improvement. This module supports customer requests such as problems about sold products or their questions about your service and products. It provides information to create and publish solutions (Will suggest solutions based on already solved similar cases) for solving the problems reported by your customers via various ways (e.g., email, phone calls, and website). Each opened support ticket can be assigned to a relevant team or user as a task, and all services-related activities will log as a timeline until the case closes.

User activity tracker

There may be trouble in finding solutions to the customer queries but not until you have the Vega CRM software which can record and save all the user activities and interactions to improve customer services.

Task and appointment management

Create tasks and make an appointment to the employees with the task and appointment management system of Vega CRM and keep track of all the work on your fingertips.


Know your customers, their choices, and their loyalty towards your brand with the reports generated through the Vega CRM and get better improvements in your sales.

File management

This functionality enables you to create a file directory and save relevant files to each existing entity in CRM to keep documents as integrated mode also easily share with other users. For example, a product entity can have several photos, brochures, analyze results or certificate documents.

Team management

This model empowers a particular deals group for each capacity in the business cycle. You will have the option to effectively follow measurements and recognize bottlenecks in this business group model. The group could be comprised of an outbound deals group to do cold effort, an inbound deals group to prospect and qualify showcasing created drives, account heads to deal with deals qualified leads, and client achievement groups to work with existing clients.

Multi language support

Support more than ten languages, also possible to add new languages as requested, fully customizable UI solution


Restful APIs for make facility to integrate with other enterprise software

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