Oracle Eloqua implementation

Implimentation Eloqua

Implementing Oracle Eloqua is not easy and you need to consider many aspects. You must be new to this practice and it takes time to understand the acronyms and become an expert in Oracle Eloqua. So why not save time and hard work? You can take full advantage of this automation tool via consulting the professionals.

At Vegarise we focus on all the business necessities, gives knowledge to our clients about the system, and helps them to have the best practice for the growth of their business.

The implementation process of Oracle Eloqua

If you don’t get the expected results from your Eloqua campaign the reason can be the different issues while implementing it. Still, if you have a trusted partner you are out of trouble!

  • The primary activities before implementation

    Before we begin with the implementation some primary activities are required for making Eloqua run successfully. It gives an idea to your team about how this implementation is useful and in which direction it will take your business. Request for proposal (RFP) is the first phase of the implementation where we have a brief discussion with our clients about their needs and the requirements. Out of the information collected we begin the planning of the project and start the next step of the implementation.

  • Configuration process

    The configuration process has two types that are the basic technical configuration and the advance technical configuration. The basic configuration usually consists of the default functionalities of the Eloqua that is the ability to send emails, tracking the web pages, deploying the landing pages, etc. The advance configuration is conducted as per the client’s need. It is used to develop various back end programs for the marketers to have integration done accurately and have the lead scoring and nurture programs planned correctly.

    In the advance technical processes, marketing configuration is one of the most important personalizations done as per the client’s end. We develop marketing templates that will help in accomplishing different marketing campaigns. There are other advance Eloqua practices such as third-party integration, website form integration, etc. which can be managed successfully in our implementation processes.

  • CRM integration

    Before onboarding the Oracle Eloqua in your system, the CRM platform and other data source integration is done by the developers. This process helps in the import/export of the data from the other servers that too without any efforts. The other advantage is that when there are leads in the CRM platform, the Eloqua data will be all updated and the sales team knows how to take care of the leads that are coming in.

  • The final process

    The final process is onboarding Eloqua and then starts training the entire team who are going to use this platform. From RFP to training, the clients have been always there with our team in planning and implementing the software and that is why it is something unique and important for them. And we conduct the training taking into consideration their playbooks, templates, and Eloqua practices which are specific to them.

    Vegarise is there! Yes for either for some small assistance or having a solution for the full implementation of the Eloqua platform. Our implementation services are completely based on the marketing programs that suit your business.

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