Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification

A lead is said to be someone who has a sort of interest in your products and services and is also familiar with your company. From the list of such interested people, someone who the company finds to be suitable for their product and services becomes their lead.

But wait are all your leads ready to be sent to the sales process? The answer is basically “No” as not all of those people are qualified leads. And if you forward all of them to the sales process there is a possibility of low conversation rate. So it is always better to have qualified leads that fulfill the different rules of qualification and can become your customers.

Let us take a simple example of a company selling sports bike accessories. The qualified lead for this company will be the one who owns a sports bike. This person for his/her requirements can constantly visit your website and blogs and can be a lead to go under the sales process. But if that company has visitors who don’t have a sports bike then they are unlikely to buy their products.

For a well-defined lead qualification process, you can opt for Vegarise lead management services that can bring you excellent results for your business. We research and analyze the products and services of the organization which are the best fit for a lead and have qualitative follow-ups to understand the leads and their requirements.

3 reasons why lead qualification is the key to success

  • Saves time and resources

    It is true that for one company a person can be the most productive lead while for the other it can be the complete waste. So now you know that with the lead qualification you can save a lot of time by avoiding the dead-end leads that do not fit your target criteria.

  • Provides personalization and more attention to the customers

    When you have the right lead qualification process you can provide relatable information and personalized information to your leads. Your marketing team can ensure that every prospect is getting the right attention by communicating with them with the right content and making them sales-ready. Thus, when your leads are at the edge of emotional check lines you can guide them for better decisions to buy your products and services.

  • It improves the conversion rates

    No doubt for a better conversion rate of qualified leads to sales, the most appropriate process is lead qualification. It is also important that your sales and the marketing team are in synchronization with each other so that there are no miscommunications with the leads. There are three prongs of the qualifying process that is

    • marketing qualifies leads (MQLs)

    • sales accepted leads (SALs)

    • sales qualified leads (SQLs)

    For the marketers and the salesperson to stay aligned with each other and increase the conversion rates it is essential to leverage one of these qualification processes.

How we can help you?

At Vegarise our experts focus on the quality of the lead information and data. Intelligent qualification decisions can only be made when you have accurate and complete information about a lead and their requirements.

Our strategies are proven and can provide the best decision-making process in qualifying the right leads for your business. We guarantee you higher conversion rates with our experienced and skilled personnel.

We have an expanded network of national and international clients and we are ready to accept the different challenges in our way. For any difficulties in finding the appropriate lead qualification process just contact our team and we are there to find the solution.

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