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Vegarise was set up in the year 2018 with the idea of providing different businesses around the globe with easy CRM solutions and marketing automation to increase leads, automate the process, and help in earning high revenue and sales. We are equipped with a team of experts that provide our clients with proven results to drive growth.

The CRM and Marketing Automation solutions

The CRM definitions have changed a lot from the past years, it was initially described and design to bring improvements in customer services. But, when you check it today it is all related to the business strategies as a whole. CRM software not only manages customer service but also acts as a unique repository to increase sales and marketing combined with customer support activities and more. Because of which it is a single platform for all your business processes, people, and services are streamlined together.

With the ongoing competitions in the market the complex implementations of processes, lengthy hours of work, the never-ending need for hiring new employees, and scheduling high-cost training programs have just made it difficult for a business to achieve the required growth. But with Vegarise marketing automation solutions, your business gets straight-forward and easy implementations of services from the very beginning as you start adopting the automation techniques.

The vegarise model is simple and adjoins with the latest practices that provide you flexible and successful automation results. We also understand that different businesses have different needs and that is why our consults make the right automation decision as per the company’s situation in the market and growth statistics.

The CRM and marketing automation solutions are the best technological assets that you can invest for your business to improve the overall trading aspects by escalating sales and revenue while cutting down the capital investments.

Our services

You can get your leads from a variety of platforms like social media, phone calls, websites, and more. But what can help you manage them and bring closer to your business? It is simple, A multi-channel communication system and of course well-implemented strategies and marketing efforts to turn your leads into customers.

When CRM can take care of covering all the basic touch-points to improve customer services, marketing automation can help you to get various business processes customized like sending newsletters, promotions, etc. to benefit not only your customers but also help your team work efficiently.

Improper decisions come from incorrect data and incorrect strategies. You need to be quite accurate while deciding to handle your business processes and once you are equipped with correct automation techniques and inflow of right information in your system you are out of all troubles.

No matter if you are a small business that is willing to store their data in a place from where it is easily accessible from any devices or you have a big firm working hard to improve customer services and manage the customer's interactions eventually there will be a need for the CRM software and automation techniques if you are unable to find solutions to it to your business requirements.

Let us help you with our services which include:

  • Marketing Automation consultancy
  • Marketing operation
  • Marketing operation implementation
  • Data management
  • Campaign execution
  • Lead management

We are committed to excellence and give qualitative services to all our clients situated globally.